Sep 05
Translatit | Μεταφραστικό γραφείο στην Κατερίνη

Tips for receiving great services

What’s the goal of every freelancer and, more specifically, every translator? That would be to keep their clients satisfied! In order for the collaboration between a translator and a client to be successful, both parties need to be well-Informed. So, here’s what you need to know if you wish to receive the best services.

  1. Hand in the text to be translated on time

The translation process might seem fast and easy, but it isn’t. The translator needs time, and has to be extremely careful, in order to deliver the optimal result. Even if you need a paragraph or a single page to be translated, keep in mind that your translator doesn’t work only on your project, and that there might be other deadlines ahead of yours. Estimate delivery time based on the length of your text and the working days required, and always remember that you assign the job to a real person and not a machine. Our goal is to serve you as fast as possible, making sure that we deliver the best quality.

  1. Brief your translator about the text

No matter what kind of text you have in your hands, cooperating with your translator is absolutely necessary. If it is an administrative document, give all the information regarding the transcription of your name on your identity card, the reason why you need the document to be translated, and the authority you are planning to hand it in. If the text you wish to have translated is to appear on a website, inform the translator thoroughly about your goals. Translation can make your product even more competitive! When translators ask for information, this doesn’t mean that they cannot do their job. On the contrary, this information is vital in order for your message to be conveyed, and your help is really valuable in this respect!

  1. Trust your translator

Your translator speaks for you in the languages you can’t. Choose your “voice”, not only based on their qualifications, but on their personality too. A relationship of mutual trust and respect is the key to an even better final translation product. Offer your help where necessary, but trust your translator too. After all, you have chosen him or her, because he or she is the best!